Tasseomancy Tea Leaf Reading

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Tasseomancy tea leaf reading online

Tasseomancy Tea Leaf Readings

Geomancy in a Cup

Reading tea leaves is a divinatory art also known as tasseomancy (or tasseography).  What it entails is using the synchronistic configurations of tea leaves found in the residual shapes, patterns and trails left behind after the beverage is drank.  

Within the random assortment of these shapes, I can look more deeply into your situation and help you to see the intricacies of your circumstances more clearly, including future possibilities, the root cause of the situation, possible things to consider and solid advice.

In order for me to give you the reading, you will need to take four photographs and send them to me.  I will list the directions for this below.  



How to do a tea leaf tasseomancy reading:

1. Make sure the cup you use is plain and of a light color, such as white or a pale beige.  I will not be able to read the tea leaves if the cup is dark or has a texture that interferes with my ability to see what is inside.  
2. Sprinkle the desired amount of loose tea leaves (not from a tea bag) at the bottom of the cup.  Add the hot water.
3. While your beverage is steeping, get comfortable and begin quieting the mind.  Get clear get clear on your question.
4. When you are ready to start drinking begin meditating upon the question at hand.  When your mind wanders away from it gently bring it back to your question.  Use this time to quietly contemplate on the particularities.  Avoid drinking the floating leaves.  
5. When just about finished, leave a very small amount of the liquid at the bottom of the cup.  Use the liquid to swish the leaves around the edges of the cup, and then quickly dump the remaining liquid.  
6. The cup is now ready to be photographed and sent.  

How to properly photograph the cup's interior:

1. I will need four images, showing the four “sides” of the teacup.  In a circular shape think of it as four quadrants.  
2. Start with the side that is closest to the handle.  Move around the cup's interior, photographing each quadrant, in a clockwise direction.
3. Photograph them in order so that I may accurately see the placement of the symbols that show up in relation to each other. 

On the order form there is a place to attach the images.

* Please note:  I often follow my intuitive guidance over the established interpretation of the symbols I find.