Strengthening Your Relationship Tarot Reading

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The Strengthening Your Relationship Tarot Reading is an excellent tool to enable you to reflect on ways in which you can improve your relationship with your significant other – any relationship in your life – making it stronger, healthier and happier.  It is designed to help you make proactive changes that will improve the health of your relationship.

This reading is useful not only for those who are facing a crisis in their relationship, but also for relationships that are more stable but are going through some sort of transition or period of stagnation, or for those who cold use new strategies to deepen the bonds of intimacy.

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This email Tarot reading will look at the following areas:

Current Strength – The current strength within your relationship that you may draw upon at this time to strengthen your bond.

Current Weakness – The current main point of weakness in the relationship that could potentially create problems, sucking its vitality.

Foundation – The foundation upon which your relationship was built that provides it with stability and structure that can be counted on.

What to Do – Advice on what you can do to strengthen your bonds.

What to Avoid – Advice on what you should avoid or stop doing that might be hurting your connection.

Inspiration – This card helps you to understand what it is that you need to be moving towards in your relationship.  It is intended to direct you towards the positive and beautiful aspects of your relationship, and gives you a sense of how to engage with your partner.  

When placing your order, please feel free to include as much additional background information as you wish to share.  The more information you provide the more easily I can give you a reading that is custom tailored to fit your specific circumstances.

The PDF file containing both your tarot reading (1,500 words minimum) and images of each of the tarot cards used will be delivered to your email address 5 days after your purchase.