Head vs Heart Tarot Reading

To order from Shada, please call her at 505.946.7531 or email her at shada@thecircleandthedot.com

Head vs Heart Tarot Reading Pic


The Head vs. Heart Tarot reading is an in-depth spread (2,000 word minimum PDF file), and is invaluable for those battling between their head and their heart while making a choice on a specific issue.  It will allow you to delve into the underlying motivations of both your head and your heart in order to come to  a balance between the two by bridging the conflicting desires.  


Within your head lies the realm of logic, analysis and thought.  It is also where your fear resides, often disguised as “rational thinking”.  

Within your heart lies the realm of intuition and imagination.  It is where you can access the messages from your Higher Self that can guide you to make optimal decisions.  It is also where your desire resides.  That desire can prevent you from accessing both your Higher Self and your rational thought.


The Head vs. Heart reading allows you to pause for a moment so you may thoughtfully reflect on your issue by thinking clearly and tuning into the higher values of the heart – exploring the motivations of each – so that you may boldly make a decision that you feel confident about.

When ordering, please include with your question any background information you would like to offer. The more information you give to me the more I can customize the reading to fit your specific issue.

The PDF file containing both your reading and images of each of the cards will be sent to your email address within 5 days of your purchase.