General Tarot Reading

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general tarot reading


The General Tarot Reading is a useful 12 card spread for any question you may have.  It is my go-to reading when I want to give any topic a thorough overview.  This in-depth reading (2,500 word minimum) is excellent for uncovering the current energies in your life and how they may be affecting your specific issue.

  • Both immediate and past circumstances will be closely looked at in the role they are playing in shaping your future.
  • Your hopes and fears will be examined to see if they are helping you move forward or if they are holding you back in your issue.
  • Also explored are your strengths, weaknesses and unconscious aspects of your issue.
  • There is an abundant amount of information and advice that can be uncovered from this Tarot spread. Any underlying patterns will be surfaced and highlighted.

When ordering, please send me a message with your question and any background information you would like to offer. The more information you give to me the more I can customize the reading to fit your specific issue.

The PDF file containing both your reading and images of each of the cards will be delivered to your email address  within 5 days of your purchase.