Chakra Health Tarot Reading

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The Chakra Health Tarot Reading is a seven card spread delving into the current state of each of your chakras.  Through this reading you will gain awareness of each chakra's individual level of wellness, their individual needs for balancing and also how they are all functioning together as a whole.

Also included are suggestions for different actions to take to bring back harmony to any areas that may currently be in a state of unbalance.

Chakra Health Tarot Reading Pic


1. Root Chakra – to be.   
Issues of survival, security, power and energy levels.  

2. Sacral Chakra – to feel.  
Creativity, sexuality and emotional issues.  How you connect with others.

3. Solar Plexus Chakra – to will.
Issues of personal power, control, freedom and our ability to project ourselves into the world.

4. Heart Chakra – to love.
The ability to love deeply, show kindness and compassion.

5. Throat Chakra – to speak.
Issues with communication.  Our ability to express our truth – both in speaking and living in truth.

6. Third Eye Chakra – to see.
Issues with intellect, imagination, intuition and our ability to “see” clearly.  

7. Crown Chakra – to understand.
Spiritual issues.  Our ability to connect our physical bodies with the divine. Our ability to truly know and understand ourselves.  


This is an in-depth Tarot reading with a minimum of 2,000 words.  The PDF file containing both the reading and images of the cards drawn will be sent to your email address (please provide) and to your Etsy inbox within 5 days of your purchase.

If there are any specific matters in your life you would like to note before the reading, please describe in detail in the message with your payment.  I will incorporate your current situation into your reading so you may better understand the role your chakra health is playing in your specific situation.  It can help you to see how your external life issues can also be addressed spiritually.