Career Review Tarot Reading

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Career Review Tarot Reading


The Career Review Tarot Spread is an in-depth reading (2,000 words minimum), perfect for evaluating circumstances, opportunities and difficulties surrounding your career. It is designed to help you determine your own growth, and to evaluate different possibilities in the way that you create sustenance for yourself in the world. 

This spread is useful for a variety of questions –  including conflict or interactions with coworkers, desire for a career change and evaluating emerging opportunities.  There is an abundant amount of information and advice that can be uncovered from this spread. Any underlying patterns will be surfaced and highlighted.

The card positions presented in the reading are:
•  Your present circumstances
•  Obstacles preventing your progress
•  Skills and attitudes you possess that are helping your progress
•  What can be changed
•  What cannot be changed
•  What your gut is trying to tell you
•  Advice


When ordering, please send me a message with your question and any background information you would like to offer. The more information you give to me the more I can customize the reading to fit your specific issue.
The PDF file containing both your reading and images of each of the cards will be delivered to your email address within 5 days after your purchase.