Reading Beyond the Tarot Cards: Perceiving Signs From Your Ambient Environment

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The King of Cups With a Rose Quartz Crystal

Each of the 78 Tarot cards are chock full of meaningful signs that are meant to be synchronistically interpreted and incorporated into your reading.  There is seemingly a limitless amount of information that can be extracted from the Tarot.  However, a Tarot reading can be even further enriched if your perceptive skills are trained to look beyond the meaning and symbols of what each individual card offers and spread your attention out to the ambient environment. 

You can begin by simply looking at the cards in the spread, noticing their relationship to one another and their relationship to the other things in the room.  What are the figures in the cards looking at?  Does it seem the King of Cups is looking directly at that chunk of rose quartz your girlfriend gave you while you were sick in the hospital?  The King of Cups feels the oceanic depths of the emotional realm, yet masterfully holds them back in order to maintain a position of outward strength and power.  Perhaps the energy that the King of Cups portrays is related to the fear of the vulnerability you faced during your hospital stay.  Alternatively, the pink quartz could be the key to recovering from your current emotional crisis.  Maybe the King of Cup's gaze towards the stone is a powerful reminder that you have a tool to help you through your current situation that can be found within the heart-centered healing energy of the stone.  These interaction the cards have with the immediate surroundings can feed us invaluable information if we are paying attantion.

The signs that can be read during a reading do not even need to be related to the cards.  The energy of the room itself can be read.  Is there a cold, lingering gloominess in the room?  It is related. Did a car alarm sound just as you turned over a card?  It is related.   What are the mannerisms of the querent – does he seem calm or anxious?  Is he willing to share with you or does he seem to be closed off?  All of this carries a symbolic significance and is fitting to incorporate into the Tarot reading.  Furthermore, what is the emotional attitude that you are giving off?  How do you feel in the presence of the querent?  This also is something that is not to be ignored.  All of it is to be used in the reading to give it more depth and meaning.

Even beyond the immediate physical environment there are symbols that can be deciphered in the reading.  Has the 10 of Pentacles been popping up in nearly all of your readings for nearly all of your clients lately?  This means something and can be helpful to the querent if you are perceptive enough to take notice.  

Understanding that synchronicity can be found everywhere is one of the tactics of an exceptional Tarot reader.  Everything is connected, and the environment in which the reading is given provides  countless valuable nuggets of information to be used as guidance.

Written by Shada McKenzie, the Circle and the Dot