Direction From the Four Elements Tarot Reading

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The four elements associated with the Tarot – earth, air, fire, and water – are also linked with different aspects of the human experience – doing, thinking, intuiting, and feeling. This Tarot spread is designed for you to look at a problem with all of these aspects of yourself in mind so that you may get a larger understanding of your current issue and come to a well-considered decision.

Each of the elements has both an inherent weakness as well as a way in which we can connect with our higher selves. The Direction From the Elements Reading will give you practical advice on how you can rise above these potential weaknesses and make the best decisions regarding your current situation.

four elements reading picEarth is the element associated with the physical realm, manifestation, and the senses. It helps you to create your best course of action.

Air is the element associated with thinking and communicating. This position helps you to think about your issue in a rational way.

Fire is the element associated with intuition, passion, and creativity. It assists you with tapping into your inner guidance and propelling forward with an inspired solution.

Water is the element associated with our feelings and emotions. This position helps to see how your emotions are influencing your problem. Are they helping or are they hurting?

When placing your order, please feel free to include as much additional background information as you wish to share about your situation. The more information you provide the more easily I can give you a reading that is custom-tailored to fit your specific circumstances.

The 1,500-word minimum PDF file containing both your tarot reading and images of each of the tarot cards used will be delivered to your email address within 5 days after your purchase.