The Comprehensive

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The Comprehensive Tarot reading by Shada McKenzie at the Circle and the Dot


The Comprehensive Tarot reading digs much deeper, not only looking at the message of the cards as a whole, but also looking at the relationship they each have with one another in a much more nuanced way.   There is detailed analysis on how all of these energies are working together.

The goal of this Tarot reading is to encourage you to look deeper within yourself in order to find the answers that are unavailable on the surface of the issue.   When the information in this spread is consciously applied in your life it will support you on your path to living your highest potential.

I am also able to cross-pollinate with other systems of spiritual development – if you know your enneagram type or or astrological birth chart I will weave information gleaned from these systems into your layout of cards.   

This extensive reading (4,000 word minimum), along with a PDF file containing all of the images used,   will be delivered to your email within 7 days of placing your order.

This is a spiritual tarot reading that feeds the soul.  Shada Mckenzie will author the reading and you can find her at the Circle and the Dot Tarot.  This reading is good if you are looking for a spiritual reading.