Tarot Readings

To order from Shada, please call her at 505.946.7531 or email her at shada@thecircleandthedot.com

The Basic

    The Basic is a concise three-card tarot spread that is very useful for receiving quick insights that will penetrate to the core of your issue.  Despite its size, lots of information can be uncovered for investigation and reflection. It is good for exploring the current energies in your life and how they may be affecting your specific issue.   The PDF file containing your reading and images of each of the cards will be delivered to your email address usually within 5 days of your purchase.


The Comprehensive

  The Comprehensive Tarot reading digs much deeper, not only looking at the message of the cards as a whole, but also looking at the relationship they each have with one another in a much more nuanced way.   There is detailed analysis on how all of these energies are working together.

 The goal of this Tarot reading is to encourage you to look deeper within yourself in order to find the answers that are unavailable on the surface of the issue.   When the information in this spread is… Read more


The Standard

  The Standard  is excellent for uncovering the current energies in your life and how they may be affecting your specific issue. Both immediate and past circumstances will be closely looked at in the role they are playing in shaping your future. Also explored are your strengths, weaknesses and unconscious aspects of your issue. There is an abundant amount of information, insight and advice that can guide you to your highest potential contained within. Any underlying patterns will be surfaced… Read more


3 Card Reading

  The Three Card Tarot spread is useful for any question you may have.  Despite its small size, troves of information can be uncovered for investigation and reflection.  This is still an in-depth reading (750 word minimum), and it is excellent for uncovering the current energies in your life and how they may be affecting your specific issue. Additionally, the card positions can be customized to fit your specific needs. Here are some examples you may choose from:   • Past, Present, Future •… Read more


Head vs Heart Tarot Reading

  The Head vs. Heart Tarot reading is an in-depth spread (2,000 word minimum PDF file), and is invaluable for those battling between their head and their heart while making a choice on a specific issue.  It will allow you to delve into the underlying motivations of both your head and your heart in order to come to  a balance between the two by bridging the conflicting desires.     Within your head lies the realm of logic, analysis and thought.  It is also where your fear resides, often… Read more


What to Do

The What to Do tarot spread is useful for asking how to proceed with any affair or undertaking.  It is a in-depth spread (1,500 word minimum) that looks at the internal factors that are affecting the situation, helping you to receive a higher level of clarity before making any decisions.   This spread looks at the potential concerns and opportunities, as well as the trajectory the circumstances are currently taking.  There is also an advice card that will help to get started on the best… Read more


Chakra Health Tarot Reading

The Chakra Health Tarot Reading is a seven card spread delving into the current state of each of your chakras.  Through this reading you will gain awareness of each chakra's individual level of wellness, their individual needs for balancing and also how they are all functioning together as a whole. Also included are suggestions for different actions to take to bring back harmony to any areas that may currently be in a state of unbalance.   1. Root Chakra – to be.    Issues of survival,… Read more


Career Review Tarot Reading

  The Career Review Tarot Spread is an in-depth reading (2,000 words minimum), perfect for evaluating circumstances, opportunities and difficulties surrounding your career. It is designed to help you determine your own growth, and to evaluate different possibilities in the way that you create sustenance for yourself in the world.  This spread is useful for a variety of questions –  including conflict or interactions with coworkers, desire for a career change and evaluating emerging… Read more


Direction From the Four Elements Tarot Reading

The four elements associated with the Tarot – earth, air, fire, and water – are also linked with different aspects of the human experience – doing, thinking, intuiting, and feeling. This Tarot spread is designed for you to look at a problem with all of these aspects of yourself in mind so that you may get a larger understanding of your current issue and come to a well-considered decision. Each of the elements has both an inherent weakness as well as a way in which we can connect with our higher… Read more


Mini General Tarot Reading

  The Mini General Tarot Reading is similar to the General Tarot Reading except there are less cards drawn for analysis. The immediate circumstance surrounding your particular issue, your strengths and weaknesses, advice and and an unconscious card will be drawn and closely examined to empower you to see the larger picture of your issue – so that you may feel more capable to make better choices and experience deeper levels of personal growth. This Mini General Reading is an in-depth reading… Read more


Strengthening Your Relationship Tarot Reading

The Strengthening Your Relationship Tarot Reading is an excellent tool to enable you to reflect on ways in which you can improve your relationship with your significant other – any relationship in your life – making it stronger, healthier and happier.  It is designed to help you make proactive changes that will improve the health of your relationship. This reading is useful not only for those who are facing a crisis in their relationship, but also for relationships that are more stable but are… Read more


Your Current Relationship Tarot Reading

"The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed." -Carl Jung   This in-depth Tarot spread delves into the past, present and near future circumstances surrounding your relationship. It highlights the energies present for each of you that are helping to shape your situation. We will look closely at the initial spark that brought you together, how it has deepened over time, the current circumstances influencing your… Read more


General Tarot Reading

  The General Tarot Reading is a useful 12 card spread for any question you may have.  It is my go-to reading when I want to give any topic a thorough overview.  This in-depth reading (2,500 word minimum) is excellent for uncovering the current energies in your life and how they may be affecting your specific issue. Both immediate and past circumstances will be closely looked at in the role they are playing in shaping your future. Your hopes and fears will be examined to see if they are… Read more