Astrology Readings

To order from Shada, please call her at 505.946.7531 or email her at

Book an astrology session with me. I am available for in-person, Skype, or telephone sessions or can send a written email report. All readings will require your exact birth date, time and city to be given in advance of the session.

All live readings vary in length. Below are my current offerings:

Astrological Personality Profile

The Sun, Moon, and Ascendant are the three areas of the astrological natal chart that give us the clearest understanding of the inherent personality traits that have been imprinted within us from the moment of entering our bodies and breathing our first breath. This reading will give you the location of each of these areas in your chart and tell you, the sign and the house they occupy, and explain what it means in relation to your life purpose, as well as offer valuable insight into your character, psychology,and personality.

We will discover and discuss the basic temperamental…


Natal Consultation

Natal astrology is the practice of determining information about the nature and course of a person’s life based on the examination of the positions of the planets at the moment you were born.  We will look at your birth chart, to investigate important themes, patterns, opportunities, difficulties, and purpose.

Embedded within your birth chart is information that reveals details about your basic life themes, patterns and purpose (career, spirituality, relationships, and family dynamics, children, friendship, money, and so forth) and your personality that will help you to see the…


Relationship Analysis

The 90-minute consultation looks at the charts of both you and your partner, exploring your individual relational patterns – how they are harmonious and how they have the capacity to be conflicting in nature.  

We will analyze the possible dynamics created through the merging of the themes of each chart, exploring how to circumvent issues and to bring forth the positives in your relationship.  It will equip you with guidelines for maintaining a happy, healthy, and harmonious relationship. 

The relationship analysis reading requires the accurate birth charts of both you and…


The Astrological Year Ahead

The Year Ahead reading looks at your most important themes and trends that are up for review in the upcoming year.  We will look at where things stand currently, what conditions you are emerging from, and what to expect in the upcoming 12 months.  

I will use timing techniques to look at the cycles you are currently in and give timeframes of when you can expect to see things develop, come to fruition, and pass.  This reading can tell you what is up for review and how to work with it in the most positive way.

If there are specific areas of concern, please do let me know…