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Here is a sampling of some of my fabulous client feedback:

Thank you, Shada. I truly appreciate it. This was one of the most beautiful readings I have ever received. I love your insight and how artistically you share a message. Much Love. –Bridget

WOW! That’s so much insight! I have already read your analysis for several times but it keeps inciting inspirations and confidence. With your clear, warm guidance, I now feel more resolute. Thank you for this amazingly informative analysis! I will come back to you when new things come up. –Eva

I have to say that I found both your astrological reading and the tarot reading to be excellent and comprehensive. They both resonated with what I was feeling/intuiting. I made a quick list of dates based on the astrological chart so I can pay attention to things at key moments. I also found that you were truthful yet very empathetic. This was an excellent reading, and I will come back for more: quicker reading if I have a decision to make about my career, and my astrological chart in April, for my birthday. Thank you so much for everything! –Chantal

I just got an ASTROLOGY reading from The Circle and the Dot and not for nothing but Shada is equally excellent at doing astrology as she is at Tarot. I just learned so much...If you are like, 'WTF?!?!?' these days, I HIGHLY recommend her mixed astrology/tarot bundle package. –Groen

I just got a reading from The Circle and the Dot, and it changed my whole perspective on my life. I thought I was looking at a desert and it turns out to be a garden. What a gift.  If you or someone you know has a question that's worthy, a question that could use some input from the ethers beyond, I highly recommend her.  She has a true gift that has been nurtured over hours and hours and books and books and readings and readings.  I also recommend Shada because she practices her art with much care and concern for the person asking the question. –Ana

Thank you for your support & wisdom today. Our convo was so helpful & clarifying. You are an amazing source of light & a guide through darkness. I will never be able to properly express my gratitude for who you are on this ever spinning & mysterious planet. –Helen

It is beautiful, thank you for an honest reading. I feel like I finally received closure and can let go after this healing period. What you have described was what I felt but could not accept and confront. Thank you again. –Ahn

Shada, thank you so much for your help! I can't say how much you opened my eyes and how much power you gave me to go and follow my path. More questions will come to you! –Di

Wow! Thank you so much for your amazing insight. And breaking down the Cards so that I could fully understand!! Best Wishes! –Sunny

Shada, your wisdom is so appreciated. You have helped me to see things so clearly. I feel inspired and empowered by your words! – Lafawn

Many thanks, Shada! I appreciated your thoughtful & detailed approach! The reading was practical, affirming & encouraging! I feel much more confident in the answers already within! –Swellar

This is amazing, Shada.  Thank you for doing this for me. I usually avoid readings because I'm always terrified of knowing anything negative coming into my life, but the way in which you spoke to me and broke this down for me made me feel like I was being embraced by hope. Thank you endlessly for helping me clear out my thoughts better, I'm glad I chose you. –Sarah

Great reading! Shada was very thorough and took time to explain the cards and how they applied to me. She was accurate and honest. Her reading was very helpful in answering my questions. –Crystal

Thank you Shada! I am so appreciative of your thoughtful and personal reading! I definitely feel like I have a better starting point of things to think about and decisions to be made in order to have the best outcome from my current life situation – Sara

I've previously had readings done by you.  You're absolutely incredible and helpful –Jasmine

Shada, thank you, your readings are so helpful and thorough.  you have a wonderful gift ♡ –a

Thank you Shada. I appreciate your insights and your reading was very helpful to me. You are very good at this and your kind and caring approach is much appreciated. It has helped me gain closure on this fellow. Until next time.. –Zoe

I'm filled with a variation of emotions, I find comfort in the guidance and your interpretation of the tarot. I'm sure you know, you are truly gifted & I am so very thankful for your service. – Angela

WHOA and WOW! You hit the nail on the head.  Thank you!! I hope we chat again soon, you are great!!  –Brooke

Thank you so much! I am in tears right now and have the confirmation that I knew all along!  You are truly a gift on this earth and I truly appreciate your time. Namaste. –Carla ☺️

These readings combined made the most accurate readings I've ever had from someone. – Rux

Thank you for this reading, you are really helping me through these hard times and helping me see the better part that I should be focusing on! Love and good vibes to you :) – Jenna

You hit the nail on the head! This is wonderful advice and we both appreciate your insight and guidance. Thank you so much! – Denise & Bob

Shada, thank you so much. You have such great insight and are helping me very much. –Ani

You have definitely given me a clear vision of the energies in my life presently and a path to a desired outcome.  I feel much more settled and I have a path to follow and some advice that will continue to push me forward. Thank you for remembering me and my circumstance and connecting this reading to better give me a detailed reading! – Toby

I had a superb reading with Shada, she is highly intuitive, compassionate, philosophical and unbiased, her reading was very insightful. –Olenna

Thank you so much, your words really helped!!! – Ani

Thanks again for your detailed and helpful reading. As always, everything that you wrote makes sense to me and helps me enormously in moving forward. – SP

Shada is dedicated about what she is doing. Her reading for me was detailed, insightful and very thorough !!! She is one of the best tarot readers that I have dealt with.  It is not only about anylising a reading for Shada, instead she is makes a huge effort to provide very detailed information which help her clients to reach a point of resolution. It is not always about getting a favorable answer- and whatever course of action she suggests is about well being, emotion, physical and mental. Her love permiates through giving the client confidence. – Bhavna

I just want to say thank you Shada. Not only are you spot on, its beyond that. Its beyond having a gift. You are a beautiful soul, that is clear. I am so grateful for all your help and wisdom. I know you might just be visiting my life, I believe it is for a reason. And I know our work together some day will come to an end. But, I know I will remember your words, lessons and these weeks on my journey to find the authentic me.  All my love to all of you readers that are helping and healing people around the world. I send you Shada love and light until next time… – Kristina

Your reading was amazing. What you say always resonates with me. Thank you. – B Willem

I really appreciate your help with this matter.  Thank you for your help. You did a great job with my reading and I will likely consult you again in the future. –Zoe

I love your readings because they are accurate, long and in depth! I will only choose you in the future for my readings! :) – Leslie

I have to say I find your predictions very true and advice very useful again!! –Wei

Your reading was so correct!  After your cautionary advise I looked further into this man! I found several profiles same guy, different age, different locations different star sign even different height!…a player indeed!!  A big thank you Shada. – C

I reread the last reading and it was amazing.You really nailed it, particularly what you said about The Lovers.  Every card you wrote about made a lot of sense to me. – G

Shada, I loved this reading! :)  I loved your in depth details! You are a great reader. Thank you so much. I wish to get more readings from you! – Leslie

Thank you so much for this insightful reading. I'm very grateful for your advice and observations. You gave me so much food for thought! Your intuition and style in which you express it is truly impressive. – Joanna

Oh my god. This is a very powerful reading. – Rosie

This reading has been so mind blowing and like nothing I have had before. – Jenna

Wow, Shada, that really was an excellent reading.  I even shook my head a few times because of some of the comments.  It's definitely food for thought.  Thanks for putting in the effort, it really showed. – Yvonne

Thanks so much, Shada!  You remain one of my favourite readers. – Colette

Great Job!! Thank very much! It really hit home with me. – Stephanie

Thank you for another great reading. – Theresa

Thank you for my reading. You're incredible and you've given me so much to think about as I conquer 2015 – Kathleen

Wow, thank you Shada! A real reminder to be present and mindful of what I'm manifesting. You have described exactly where I feel I'm at and even the things I sense are coming too. Thank you very much for taking the time to read for me, I hear what you are saying. – Diana

Great reading. Lots to think about. Now you know more about what I am going through than anyone  else. I appreciate your insight and guidance. – Alexis

Thank you so much. Your reading and intuition are incredibly succinct. The variations you provide within the interpretations of the cards and the philosophical and spiritual understanding which you have of them with regard to what I am going through has really been very insightful. I feel I need to re-read your text over a few times, as each time I do I realise and learn something new about myself. You have given me the courage and calm to look at things in a different context which is only possible through removing oneself from pain and being brave enough to be rational and view things from a different perspective. I'd like to thank you for providing me with assistance at this adversely difficult time in my life. My love and very best wishes to you – O

The best reading I have ever received. I found it to be insightful, thoughtful, and completely accurate. – TMNelson

I am blown away by your reading. There is a lot of truths in it. Yes, exactly what I needed to hear and no surprises either. – Karen

Thank you for another great reading.  – Theresa

My reading truly revolutionized the way I was thinking about a new relationship in my life. Shada was able to intuit details of the dynamics without any prior knowledge of what was going on. her insights continue to guide me through both the joy and the fear associated with building intimacy. – Bett

As always, thank you thank you thank you!! Very insightful and genuine! I truly appreciate you! – Latasha

The best reading I have ever had!!!! – Tina

Wow! This is great stuff, Shada. Thanks for being so thoughtful in putting together this reading. I'm fascinated and very much encouraged by what you've found. – Billy

I want to tell you how much I appreciate you & wanted to thank you for your efforts on my reading. You are amazingly insightful!! Wow! I found it to be extremely enlightening and profound. You truly have a gift. – Anna

I love your readings! I learn so much not just about the circumstance but also the cards and what they mean. – Kaylene

This reading was very perceptive and provocative and stimulated my thinking immensely. The reading was easy to follow and very in depth. This product would be a perfect gift for your self or anyone you may know who may be at a crossroads in their life and needs guidance/steerage to draw upon in order to arrive at their own decisions. – kewpie

Thank you so so much, I loved the reading. I will defiantly come back to you whenever I have any questions. Best wishes to you and your life journey as well. Thank you so much."      – Mahogan

Wow. You are really good at this! These readings are so on point. I am appreciative of the poignant and targeted questions. These are exactly what I need to move through this last phase of transition.  – Alexis

Thanks, Shada, for both readings. I'm certain that I'll be asking for readings from you again in future, you are always good guidance for me. Thank you Shada." – Eliza

Thanks for this reading. I have been given the greatest blessing from your insights - confidence. Confidence that I have strategies to achieve the outcomes that are the best for me and everyone around me for the highest good. Oh, and that I'm not going mad, it's just life unfolding. – Kaylene

Strangely, although we have never met, I feel you are able to come straight to the heart of the matter – you really are incredible and god bless. Your insightful reading helped me detach without pain today and this reading fills me with hope that I can be me  – BR

Thank you so much for the insight and love you put into your answer. – Gerry

I feel a super change coming! I trust your readings and I'm grateful for having you on this journey with me. Thanks again! – Latasha

You have opened my eyes to what I already see and I just need to let go the past and be happy.  Things will get better…thank you. – Mica

Thank you. This has given me the positivity I needed! – Ashley

Hello Shada, It's a pleasure to read your interpretation. I can envision the next chapter with more ease, already. –Martin

My reading with Shada was so spot on and intuitive. She went into depth with each card on how she  saw it relating to my question. I am, still referring back to the reading and seeing how it is manifesting  in my life right now. I have had many Tarot readings in my life and Shada’s has been one of the most insightful. I highly recommend Shada’s readings. – Tanya

my reading truly revolutionized the way i was thinking about a new relationship in my life. shada was able to intuit details of the dynamics without any prior knowledge of what was going on. her insights continue to guide me through both the joy and the fear associated with building intimacy. – betty

Thank you Shada…this means so much to me.

Thank you for your reading . It is most helpful – Alisson

Thank you Shada. I took a while to read this one with constant interruptions :) I look forward to what life throws at me! –Athena

Simply put, Shada’s card reading skills are adept, kind, and full of the exact kind of advise and spiritual  wisdom that I had been searching for but not quite getting from others. I have a familiarity with the  tarot, and have sought advise from this particular Oracle for many years, and through many readers.  Shada is able to pick up the kinds of subtleties from the cards that really make a difference when it  comes to applying the lessons in the reading to real life. Her perception and carefully constructed  readings always leave me feeling resourced and better able to address whatever issues might be coming up for me. Even with the more challenging readings I have received from her, where the constructive criticism is difficult to stomach, something about the way in which she is able to frame the issues  always leaves me feeling like I have the resources to meet whatever challenges with grace and learning.  I am so thankful for her. – Ana

You hit the nail on the head with this reading. Thank you for all the care and love that flows from you into this reading and beyond. – Gerry

Thank you Shada! I really like they way you read the cards. So much are amazing. – Athena

Thank you for this reading, for the second time you were very accurate. – Francisco

Thank you very much. Your reading was very accurate. I have been stuck in a bad relationship for a long time and have recently had the nerve to end it. Thanks again xxx – Nicki

Thank you so much for your in-depth reading. It has helped me to confirm & also clarify many different points in my life right now. – Rose

Thanks so much for your info. I really love getting readings from you and if it's possible I wish I can do skype tarot reading with you. I really appreciate readings you given me. – Eliza

Thank You Shada I loved the reading. – Lisa

This was a very impressive reading considering you didn't have any background info. – B

Wow, this is so brilliant. Your interpretation of the cards seems to have a lot of insight into my inner nature, and also reflects the direction I’ve been going recently in my life, and the strategies I have begun to identify to apply to our move. – Bel

Thank you for your very insightful reading - summed up the situation perfectly and has give me lots to think about.  – Clare

Thank you so much! Again, you've confirmed a lot of things my intuition has been showing me! I truly thank you for the work that you do and all off your advice. I trust your guidance! Sending lots of light and love to you! – Latasha

This reading was just what the doctor ordered. I was able to start really paying attention to different levels of how I was feeling in a day, and the things in my life that have been stuck, and see where I'm better able to move my energy. Awesome!!! – Ana

Once again, thank you so much for your help. – Maria

Thank you so much for your thoroughly wonderful reading! – Gerry

Thanks Shada. I appreciate all readings you have done for me along this journey. Eliza