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heartWhat are the contents of your heart?  What have you allowed to enter this sacred chamber and given permission to take up residency?  Take a moment to connect with this space and feel what is there, residing, at the center of your being…


Nothing other than the true light of God has rightful dominion over this space.  It is only from here that we may begin to perceive reality.  God is reality.  The heart is a portal that allows us to receive the gift of true understanding. Love. Reality.

What is it that resides in the center of your being?  If you recognize anything that is undeserving of this sacred chamber, if anything is detected other than love in your heart, then there is work to be done.  We all have work to do. 



General Theme of the Month Ahead – 3 of Swords

What comes to mind as I contemplate the image on the 3 of Swords is bloodletting, the therapeutic cut.

The 3 of Swords is a card of suffering.  It is the pain that arises when our heart has become tarnished by negativity.  It is the image of a heart that has been unable to let go of these dark, tarnished areas residing within its interior chambers.  It suffers.  As these dark spaces have accumulated, the heart has calloused.  The portal that connects us to the light of God has been closed, and pain and suffering have become trapped within, blocking our communion.  The 3 of Swords is the image of a heart in need of healing. 

The three piercing swords are the representation of truth.  They slice through the clouded perceptions negativity creates.  The swords do not cause the heart's suffering, they alleviate it.  The swords allow the light of truth to enter, and allow for the release of the pain that has accumulated over time.  The cuts made to the heart can bring a return to balance through the act of letting go of what we have carried that has not served us.  Though renewed equilibrium, the portal of the heart opens, the flow of God's love enters, and we will receive the transmission of God's love into our hearts.  Healing

Without the understanding of the necessity for this bloodletting, it may feel as if we are being broken wide open, our vital lifeforce diminishing, drip by drip, wounded.   The truth is that the cut allows darkness to spill out.  We must be emptied in order to create space for love to enter. We must be emptied of what is toxic in order to restore health.  Release.

Physical – 5 of Cups
There is something tangible and real that could be lost in this process.  Both the 3 of Swords and the 5 of Cups can represent loss and the emotional pain that accompanies it.  In this card, we see a figure who is slumped over three spilled cups. The cups were the source of his happiness and they have been tipped, spilling the contents onto the earth.

In both the 3 of Swords and the 5 of Cups we also see spilling and emptying.  Spiritual bloodletting.  Could it be that what this figure has lost is more accurately thought of as a release of what was not authentically serving him?  Could these spilled cups be letting go of desire and attachment, the unhealthy relationship with maintaining possession of something impermanent and ultimately unserving of the soul's needs? 

If our happiness is contingent upon fulfilling our desires, it is not true happiness.  It is not lasting.  It is based on certain conditions being met.  When they are met we are happy, when they are unmet, we suffer.  It is possible that these spilled cups can free him of clinging to something that is impermanent that could never lead to lasting happiness.  Lasting happiness comes only through clearing the heart's portal from negative debris so that we might perceive true reality.

Since this card is showing up at the physical theme of the month, it is pointing to the emotional response to the loss of something tangible or something that is viscerally felt.  There is a physical, emotional and spiritual liberation that serves us if we recognize it as such.

You will see that behind the figure are two intact cups.  When we are able to break away from our suffering we will see the there is a more sustaining spiritual nectar waiting for us to take notice and drink.  This requires a therapeutic cut from what does not serve.

Mental – 8 of Pentacles
On the mental plane, December offers the opportunity for us to reorient our focus to our spiritual path.  Freed from the energy leaks that blocked negative emotions have made in our hearts, we are able to turn our attention to more fruitful pursuits.  We have the time to focus on what matters most: our spiritual growth and development.

If you take a look at this card, you will see a figure who is at work.  The look of contentment on his clearly on his face as he handcrafts one pentacle after another.  He masters his craft with patience and diligence.  He understands that perfection is not to be found on the material plane as he continues to move closer and closer to it.  It is the process that encourages him more than the end result.  It is the pleasure in the pursuit.

The symbol of the star is the union of spirit with matter. It represents the connection of our physical body with spirit.  In the position of the mental theme of the month, we can see a month of self-work and spiritual growth is upon us.  As we painstakingly develop ourselves, we can do it with love in our hearts.  We can work with pleasure and contentment.


Spiritual – 4 of Pentacles
The image of the 4 of Pentacles shows a figure who clutches to the resources he has accumulated over time.  He mistakingly tries to rely on his what he has accumulated to see himself make this spiritual transition. 

This attempt of self-preservation will only prevent him from making the necessary cuts needed to reunite with God in his heart. 

Perhaps he thinks that he can make the necessary shifts without letting go.  It is not possible.  If we consider the image on the card we can see that his material possessions create a barrier over his heart, stopping the flow of giving and receiving.  The month ahead is spiritual bloodletting, releasing the attachments of the heart in order to free oneself of the burdens they create.  Loss becomes release if we only shift our perspective slightly. Release allows the space for true healing and transformation.

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