Thought Forms • September 2019 Monthly Forecast

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dandelionMany of us have an understanding that our thoughts are so powerful they have the capacity to shape reality.  They form like little feathery seeds in our consciousness, allowing a gentle current to pick them up and take them away, floating until they fix themselves to a little pocket of materiality where they will germinate and grow.  In this way, our subtle, interior cosmos seeds and contributes to the world manifest.

Many of us have an understanding of this, yet to what extent does this knowledge affect the care we put into our thoughts and subsequent behavior?  If our thoughts are what forms the reality around us, what is the quality of the world you are living in this moment?  How is the quality of your attention nourishing the world you see before your eyes?  How much time do you commit to cultivating greater control over your mind?  Let us not forget our responsibility in this matter.

General Theme of the Month Ahead – The Magician
The Magician reminds us of our power to shape our reality and is here as an encouragement to hone our skills.

If you take a look at the card, you will see a wand in his hand, pointed towards the Heavens, while the other hand points to the earth below.  He is a conduit and his aim is to be clear so the transmission of the Divine will flow easily through him and become manifest.

To be effective in this way requires practice.  The unhoned mind allows the will of the ego to intercept and corrupt this Heavenly transmission.  It has the capacity to create muddled thinking where there need not be. It has the potential for the fears and desires of the ego to intercept creating a distorted version of reality.

It is the Magician's work to dial in with precision.  This is the theme of the month.  It is to gain a deeper understanding of our innate power to create, and then use this power in a way where we using this power for goodness in our lives.

The lemniscate above the Magician's head reminds us that when we have fine-tuned our will we are able to live in the flow of the perpetual creation of Heaven on Earth.  The healthy direction of our consciousness connects with the flowers from above and delivers it below, just as the finger of his right-hand points to the lush bed of red roses and white lilies at his feet.  The best way to use our talent for creation is to align our consciousness with perfection. 

As you read these words, consider what is currently blocking this transmission?  What is the quality of your life at this moment?  Do you realize your own power to change the circumstances of your life?

Look to the card once more and you will notice on the Magician's table he has the pentacle, the cup, the wand, and the sword – the four magical tools representing the elements of creation.  He has all the tools he needs to create Heaven here on Earth.  The real task is for him to understand his own power and to learn to align his will with the higher will of God. 

Does it appear that your life circumstances are out of control?  Perhaps you are still ignorant of your own power.  Or perhaps you are currently reaping what you have already sown, as it is said.  We have to accept the current consequences of our previous actions,; what has already been set in motion cannot be stopped.  Blaming or victimizing ourselves does not result in anything good.  We need to accept what we see before ourselves and then start directing our will towards the good. 

Mercury, the planet that rules the mind, intellect, and the words that pass through our parted lips, is in the sign of Virgo It is a good time to align ourselves with this energy in a productive way, connecting with higher wisdom from above.  It is a good time to examine the quality of our concentration, committing ourselves to improve so that we may channel spiritual energy from above with more ease.  In this way, we can be the bridge between the spiritual and the early realms, manifesting more beauty in the world we see before our eyes.

Spiritual – 4 of Pentacles
Two of the cards that are working alongside the energy of the Magician this month are from the Pentacles suit.  Pentacles relate to the world manifest.  It is the tangible things we create in our lives that surround us. 

In the position of the spiritual theme, we encounter the  4 of Pentacles.  It is clear we have some work to do in order to have the proper flow between the spiritual and physical.  This is a card that has to do with holding onto what we have already attained in a greedy, fearful fashion.  We are not yet trusting our power to connect with the Divine and to channel beauty into the world. 

The 4 of Pentacles shows that we are still afraid, still ignorant of the latent power to create abundance on the material plane.  In this card, we see a stodgy man. His body shape even looks like a square; he is nearly as wide as he is tall.  He has managed to acquire a few coins, giving him a false sense of security.  These coins are devoid of spirit and offer him nothing nourishing, yet in fear, he clutches onto them as if his life depends on it. 

What the card demonstrates is a destructive thoughtform.  He mistakenly believes he must hold onto what he has in order to be safe in the world.  It is the mistaken belief that in order to get ahead, he must acquire and possess, not letting go of what has been given to him.  This cuts off the energy flow with the Divine.

You will see that he holds tightly to one of the pentacles, yet it blocks the spark of Light in his heart from emanating beyond the body.  He uses both of his feet to guard two more pentacles, yet by doing so he is preventing himself from feeling truly grounded and secure in the world (leading to further insecurity and lack).  Since he is without another limb to hold onto the fourth pentacle, he places it upon his crown and balances it there, blocking that spiritual force from entering into his body, the same spiritual force the Magician is so easily able to channel with his extended arm. 

If you compare his posture with that of the Magician's, you will see clearly that this is not the way to receive true abundance which we receive through connecting with the spiritual forces.  He is stunted. 

The Magician demonstrates our potential, and the 4 of Pentacles gives us clues as to what we might need to work on.  What the figure in the 4 of Pentacles is truly lacking is the free and unfettered mind.  He is overly concerned with self-protection and has lost the foresight into his true nature.

The pentacle on the Magician's table is there whenever he needs it.  He does not need to hoard it.  His goal is to hone his ability to utilize his consciousness and to align it with the higher spiritual forces.  This is how he will create abundance in his life. 

Physical – 6 of Pentacles
The 6 of Pentacles shows us the prescription for working through this condition of the soul.  It is through generosity.  It is recognizing what is out of balance in our lives and giving our available resources where they are needed.  It is also through the receiving of resources from others if the need is there.

Rather than holding on to what is truly excessive, we can experiment with renouncing what is extra, unneeded, and spiritually weighing us down by sharing ourselves with those who have less. 

Part of this lesson is to realize our least intellectually.  It requires risk, but we might see that if we have something to give, and do so, our lives could become richer as a result.  We could see the garden of red roses and white lilies at our feet begin to flourish in the world around us.

If we shift from self-protection to the devotion of our lives to something greater than ourselves, we might discover a hidden key to true abundance that is connected with the spiritual.  Our arms will be free to receive from the spiritual so that we can nourish not only ourselves but the world around us. 

The six is where Heaven and Earth meet and come together.  It is the success won after breaking apart the stagnation of the four.  The 6 of Pentacles signifies the way to receive the blessings of success as does the next card.

Emotional – 6 of Wands
Another six, we can see in the 6 of Wands the success that can be achieved through developing the right relationship with our mental faculties.  The image on this card shows a soldier returning from battle, victorious.  He wears a crown of laurel leaves over his head, the triumph of the mind, by using it in the correct manner.

Understanding we create positivity in our lives by connecting with spiritual nourishment, we see here the key to happiness.  It is through release.

What is it that needs to be allowed to die in order for this sort of success to emerge?  What thoughtforms do you carry with you that are of a lower vibration? 

What you see around yourself at this moment is the result of your own creation. How can you improve your life and the world around you by consciously aligning yourself with the higher spiritual forces?  Any efforts made in this examination of your own creative process stands to bring forth greater levels of happiness, self-confidence, and freedom from limitation.

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