Resisting Resistance • June 2019 Tarot Forecast

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3There is not a single person who will read these words who doesn't have psychological and spiritual issues to address.  Most of you who read this recognize this. However, only a few are actually willing to swim against the current of disassociation to begin to address these issues to the extent that is needed in order to see real change.

On one level, it is understandable.  Life is hard.  We have only a limited amount of energy and almost all of it is used up just to maintain.  But on the other hand, quite a big chunk of this limited available energy is consumed by the very issues we need to work on that is stealing our vitality.  

How much of your energy is being consumed by anger, addiction, fear, or anxiety? What percentage of your day is consumed by other people's problems, what others are thinking about you, whether or not you measure up, if you're smart enough, attractive enough?

All of these concerns require our energy to keep them alive.  They consume our vital stores greedily.  This means that in order to reclaim this stolen, wasted energy we actually have to push against the resistance in order to begin working on the very things that rob us of our joy and vitality. We have to expend energy in order to free more of it.

This month ahead offers another opportunity to look at what we are holding onto that isn't serving us.  It is another opportunity to commit to our happiness by shining a light into the dark recesses of our psyche and clearing the clutter.  It never feels like an appropriate moment to address the psychological clutter. But if not now, when? When the next crisis collides with our routine?

General Theme of the Month – 4 of Pentacles
The 4 of Pentacles is a card of stability and security.  It is the most stable card in the deck of 78 cards.  If you can imagine yourself as a giant cube of iron, this is the energy this card gives off.  It is unbending, unwavering, and uncompromising.

The dense security is the result of holding onto what we have accumulated over time.  Energetically, we are embodying the weight of several tons of solid iron in order to make ourselves unshakable, impenetrable. 

On some level, this feels good.  There is a routine firmly established in life and it seems not easily shakable.  However, if you look at this card, you can see the stance he takes allows very little room for growth and personal development.  It is self-protective.  He is focused primarily on maintaining what he has.  He is giving everything he's got in order to stay on top of life, but the ability to explore and grow and examine new things is limited.  There is a belief that everything will be okay if he just continues to hold on to what he's got.

By design, life is much more dynamic than this.  This idea of safety through resisting change is an illusion.  If we stunt our own personal growth and spiritual development just to feel safe and secure it is only a matter of time before life reminds us that we are not in charge.

We have come into these bodies to evolve and grow spiritually.  We have come here to learn about our true nature.  All of the spiritual and psychological issues that are hidden in the basement of our psyche will stay there, silently haunting us.  We need the courage to begin exploring what we do not yet know.  We need to look at what is not yet conscious or else it will eventually come up on its own and shock us out of our complacency.

Most of us can probably relate to the times in our lives in which this has happened previously.  We think we have it all figured out and if we just hold on tight we can coast through life.  Not so!

There will always be something to shake us out of complacency whether we are made of a two-ton iron cube or not.  Iron is not as permanent and stable as we think.  And by embodying the energy of a block of iron, our lives can come to feel stale and monotonous. Atrophy.    

Don't greedily cling to the comforts that you enjoy.  We are meant to grow and if we hoard what we have, our resources are being channeled into the wrong avenues.  Explore possibilities.  We live in a world filled with dynamism.  Enjoy every success that comes your way, but don't attempt to stop the movement and momentum of change.  No matter how tightly you try to hold, life will continue to be dynamic.

Intellectual – The Devil
The Devil in the position of the intellectual theme for the month ahead is the reason why I am giving the 4 of Pentacles a more negative take – while it is a card of stability and security, beneath the surface hides all of the unconscious material that is working against your life, against your well-being.

While we try to hold on tightly to the way things are, maintaining the status quo, it is creating conditions where we are disengaging from some issues that need our attention.  It is like a blazing fire beneath the surface that can erupt at any time. And unless we are making space for addressing these issues, we are unprepared for it.  It will come on us without notice, taking us by surprise, and derailing the illusion that we have it under control.

Simply put, there is shadow material that needs to be addressed or it will harm us.  It already is harming us whether we are cognizant of it or not.  The 4 of Pentacles places an over-emphasis on the material realm.  The Devil is also a card that has to do with dependence on material matters.  It is the material attachments that take us off our path. It is about following the desires of the inferior parts of ourselves over the hgiher self.

True stability and security comes from emotional poise.  The Devil is here to show us that we have some attachments that we need to address, we have some shadow material that we might not be wanting to face. There's no such thing as emotional poise when we are shackled to the Devil's throne.  When we pursue material desires over emotional and spiritual development, the desire becomes like an addiction.  Until it is fulfilled, we feel a lack.  If we receive what it is we desire, the satisfaction is short-lived, leaving us wanting only more.

This month is about stability, but it is stagnant and comes from a desirous fear of letting go of this transitory thing or experience we have attained.  Remember that nothing is permanent in this material realm.  It is best to address these attachments.

In addition to an overattachment to the material, another way in which the 4 of Pentacles and the Devil are connected is that the state of resistance.  There is no flow in either of these cards.   There is no contact made with the subconscious that is our direct like with the Divine.  As I said in the beginning, there is a tremendous amount of energy that is wasted in this state.

Now is the time to begin to address what it is we are attempting to protect ourselves from.  This isn't true protection.  We will reap the consequences of our actions, consciously or not until we make ourselves vulnerable and address what is lurking beneath the iron exterior.

Spirit – 3 of Swords
And here is what is at the center of our iron-clad exterior.  It is a tender, soft, vulnerable wounded heart.  It is a heart that has been hurt despite the false fortress of disconnecting from its needs.

We often ignore the stirrings of the heart because we think if we acknowledge its voice we will feel its pain more acutely if its needs cannot be met.  This isn't true.  Without a connection to our heart, our soul's center, we sway off course in life.  We experience unnecessary struggles and difficulties.  We have a lack of awareness around the source of our struggle, typically identifying it with something or someone outside of ourselves.  In reality, we are creating our suffering through the choices we make in our life.  Our heart connection must be constant.

We will link to our heart as soon as we acknowledge its woundedness.  The first step will be made for repairing what has been damaged.  We can begin the process of healing.  Remember, this is true for every single one of us.  We all have wounds that are in need of our care and attention. We need to stop pretending that everything is alright.  It is time to address the ways in which our egos delude us from seeing this basic truth.

This is going to stir up all of those spiritual and psychological issues we have painstakingly been avoiding.  But it must be done.  It is through this difficult expenditure of energy that we will get our lives back.  There is no opportune time for this except for this present moment. 

Relax your iron fortress and tend to the wounded heart at the center of your being.  Give it what it needs for healing.  It does not need your protection, it needs your care and devotion.  It needs your courage.  Explore the ways you have been acting that are not serving the process.  Look at your fears and let down your guard.  Face them with your brave, bold, wounded heart.  Change the habitual patterns that have been causing you to repeat the same mistakes that keep you in this state of emotional bondage.  Stop resisting your healing.

If you look at the image on the 4 of Pentacles again you will see he guards his heart chakra with the pentacle over his chest.  Is it really being protected or are its needs being suppressed?  Drop the guard and ask your heart what it needs.  This is the first step.

In many ways, this is the perfect month to begin this work.  On the surface, everything is relatively calm.  This work is easier if we are beginning from a place of stability.  It is a prime time for starting the spiritual work we have been avoiding.

Physical – 9 of Pentacles
The 9 of Pentacles is a very optimistic sign that we are in a good position to begin the work.  This is a card that also has to do with material success and stability.  It is someone who has accomplished much for herself because she was willing to make sacrifices and work to see to it that she has achieved a position of comfort and serenity.

We can see the material needs have been met to the extent that there is energy available to look at the darker material that could disrupt this.  We can see in this card a person who is willing to make the sacrifices and do the work required to have dominion over her life. She can take that same energy to build up her inner life.

You are in the perfect place to start.

Shada McKenzie
The Circle and the Dot • Santa Fe, NM
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