Willful Rectitude • May 2019 Tarot and Astrology Forecast

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May is a great month for taking empowered action in our lives.  It offers the potential for the growth of our confidence through mental strength and acuity.  This can be seen in the dance between thoughtful diligence and the will to act and achieve results.  It is a month for taking another step forward towards our understanding of how love acts as a binding ingredient, uniting the dance between the two.


General Theme of the Month – King of Wands
In the tarot, all kings are connected with the element air.  Air corresponds to our thoughts, our intellect, our beliefs, and the way we communicate them to others.  It gives us the ability to speak our mind.  Once these thoughts are released from our lips, they are given more distinction. They are released into the field and take a life of their own. 

They grow with the interaction made with their environment.  Therefore, the thoughts we have, especially when made into words, have power.  In our ignorance, we can create destruction by simply using our words without integrity.  When we are operating from a greater understanding of love, we have the power to create beauty and goodness in our lives. 

The kings of the tarot have achieved a certain degree of mastery in this process and are able to think and speak with a high degree of power in their lives.  This has lead them to take the throne over their kingdom and rule in fairness and justice.

He is the ruler of the kingdom of wands, the kingdom of fire. It is the spark of desire that leads to action, which leads to growth.  The lesson of the element of fire is to learn to move our will away from destructive desire and temptation that leads to suffering and to allow it to merge with the higher will of the Divine.   

He is the king of the realm of fire.  He has achieved authority through is wisdom, his proper use of speech and by taking proper action.  He holds the wand in his hand in a commanding manner.  It is his source of strength.  He has mastered its once latent potential and activated it.  He uses its creative, generative and rules this kingdom with integrity.  Through his will, he acts as an ambassador for the greater Will of God.

Keep this image in your mind this month as you strive to overcome laziness.  Keep this empowered image in your mind as you encounter the temptations to take you from your path.  Think of it when you are tempted to use your words with fiery anger.  Consider the image of this king's aligned connection with the Will of God as you are tempted by pride.  Keep it in your mind as you approach any obstacle or difficulty.  If you are operating from Willful rectitude, you have earned the right to wear his crown and to hold his staff of manifesting power.

The king knows that Love gives him the authority to rule.  He takes action, but he does so only when it is appropriate.  He also knows the virtue of patience.

This May, we have the opportunity to apply this principled authority in our own lives.  Make things happen, but be wary of impetuousness and unconsidered behavior.

Physical – 10 of Pentacles
In the realm of the physical theme of the month, we see the 10 of Pentacles, the card showing the time is ready to harvest the fruits we have cultivated over time.

The 10 of Pentacles is about the physical.  Out of all 78 cards in the tarot deck, this is one most closely connected with the material reality.  It demonstrates the result of all that we have brought into our lives through our efforts. Through our work, we have bore fruit, and here we see the accumulation of what we have been creating.

If you take a look at the card, you can see the richness of the image.  It is filled with various things, so much so that we can barely make out the figures present in the image.  They are beginning to blend in with the rest of the objects and are in danger of becoming indistinct from their surroundings.

Remember, we have bodies but we are not our bodies.  Our bodies contain an illuminated spark that unites us with the spiritual. But it becomes harder and harder to remember if we have become excessively oriented towards material gains.

We have approached the time where it is necessary to sort through our material lives, to harvest our achievements, to remove the excesses, and to take some time to appreciate what we have before us.  This simple act of appreciation and gratitude will shift our focus away from the material and direct it towards the spiritual.  Appreciation and gratitude come from the higher planes.  It bridges the gap between them and it harmonizes them.  It creates a healthy flow between the material and spiritual realities.  It enlivens our lives.

The king, operating from ignorance, would continue to seek mundane accumulation which is nothing more than greed.  The King in his wisdom knows when he has enough and when it is time to harvest and share his successes.

Emotional – 3 of Cups
In the image of the 3 of Cups, we see the bountiful fruits of the harvest I have described above encircling three women dancing in celebration.  They have worked hard to create something beautiful and substantive in their lives and are taking a moment to appreciate what they have. 

This goes beyond the physical.  As a consequence of the results of their hard work and dedication to achieving their material objectives in their lives, they have also established strong emotional bonds. For this, they are happy.  They are celebrating their loving connections that have grown and the firmly established community.  What they have built is rooted in love.

As they clink their raised cups in a toast, it is their open and connected hearts that are in the center of the concentric circles made by their bodies and the surrounding fruits.

This card is a reminder to appreciate our forged connections.  It is telling us to celebrate the love in our lives.  It wishes for us to appreciate creation, to take time for joy and love.  Recognize the good fortune that encircles our lives. 

Without this recognition, the king is apt to operate from a lower frequency.  He will use his will to serve himself over others.  He will lose sight of the connection he has with the Divine.  He will eventually fall from the grace bestowed upon him.

Spiritual – The Magician
The Magician has everything he needs to create the reality he wants.  On his table, we see the tools that correspond to the four suits of the tarot: the sword, the wand, the cups, and the pentacle.  These are magical tools and when he learns how to harness their power and use them appropriately, he will create beauty in his life.

As can be seen in the card, He points one wand to the heavens, where there is a garland of flowers, and he points a finger to the earth, where we see a garden of flowers manifesting before him. 

This is the image of one who has harnessed his mind in a kingly manner and is cultivating goodness in his life.  He is not using the power of his thought for selfish purposes.  He is not using it from a place of ignorance.  He understands the truest and highest magic is by aligning the will and the mind with God.

Above the head of the Magician is a perpetually flowing leminscate.  The central point is the meeting of Heaven and earth.  Without the healthy flow of connection between these two realms, we can see no healthy materialization in our lives.  It would be like cancer which grows in a system out of harmony and balance.  We need spiritual nourishment to maintain balance and harmony.

As I mentioned at the beginning, our thoughts have the power to create.  The words that pass through our lips deliver it to the field where they grow. Any of us can learn to use the magical tools on the Magician's table, but it takes a fixed mind and continual self-awareness and examination to use them in a healthy manner.  This is Willful rectitude.

Shada McKenzie • the Circle and the Dot
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