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If you look at the cards below, you will see the Tower.  I am happy to see the Tower show up for the month of March in honor of the Uranus ingress into the sign of Taurus on March 6th, its new home for the next seven years.

Uranus shakes the foundations of what it encounters, bringing forth liberation, originality, and authenticity through the use of sudden or unexpected change.  The sign of Taurus represents the earthy, the grounded, and the sensuous.

Where we find Taurus in our chart, we see where we obtain our security and comfort.  It is a sign of the earth and represents what is stable and slow to change.  Therefore, the secure, quiet, slow, and passive (yet powerful), encounters the radical, rebellious, and unconventional maker of change.

Two powerful and discordant energies are being called to work through their dissimilarities.  The way in which I lay this spread on my table, I find the Tower surrounded by three cards, all Coins – the suit that represents the earth and what has become grounded in the world manifest (shown below).

I cannot think of a more apt way for the tarot to describe what lays ahead – an internal rumbling deep within the heart of the earth, in preparation to shake out of complacency what is in danger of atrophy within our lives.

Uranus reminds us that the time is now.  Now is where we find God.  Now is where we find movement and the dynamism of life.  Now is where we connect to our breath and our bodies.  Now is how we invigorate ourselves with the lifeforce.  Now is where we connect with the intuitive voice within – the voice of the Divine that guides us through our lives.

March is the initiating moment of the cohabiting of these two forces.  How might we shake up our reality and create new and more dynamic security?  How might we use the shake-ups ahead to learn how to feel grounded and stable in this living moment rather than by holding onto the past or attempting to anchor ourselves into the future with worried thoughts and anxieties?  How might we reach the highest expressions of possibility in what Taurus offers?  The highest expressions of beauty and form...that takes us beyond the physical?  The highest expressions of beauty and form that honor this Divine spark that exists in every atom that makes up our physical reality.

The Light of Consciousness resides in the world manifest.  These years ahead, initiating on March 6th with the Uranus ingress into Taurus, we will learn how to reveal this divine spark of light that exists within form.  We will initiate the process of changing our relationship with money, the bodies we inhabit, the earth that we stand on, our daily work, our relationships with others...we will receive opportunities to bring all of these areas to the highest expressions we are capable of achieving at this time.  It is the opportunity to bring divine beauty to our everyday lives.

Image removed.General Theme of the Month Ahead – 4 of Pentacles
The 4 of Coins is the starting point.  It is this point from which we begin this process of higher authenticity in our relationship with matter.  In this card, we encounter a man who is choosing to bury his accumulated coins. He might be saving them for a future time.  He might be hoarding them.  He might be living in a fear-based place of lack.  The "lack" is the inability to trust that we have the proper orientation that will guard us on our life journey.  This is the hand of God that wishes to guide us towards goodness.

The four is a number of stability and security.  It is security that is obtained through a stubborn resistance to changing what we have already got.  We see he is working hard on this card, but the work does not deliver progress or gains.  The work is solely to prevent loss.  The work ultimately assures no future gain.  The work stagnates rather than allows for growth and development.

Image removed.This could be read as a responsibility.  And it is responsible to a degree.  However, if you look at the card that is just beneath him in the image of the spread I have shown, you will see the Tower.  The earth beneath his little hole is rumbling and has the power to collapse his weak attempts at securing stability in the future.  We don't have as much control over our future as we would like to believe.

It is best to not look at this card and decide to take wild risks. but to use this card to take the time to look at where we, individually and collectively, have become too concerned with security.  Where in your life have you allowed the divine light to become trapped by egoic fear and desire?  How is it we are avoiding addressing present moment concerns by taking our attention away from them, hoping to protect ourselves from future catastrophe?  Wouldn't it be better to address and change our current trajectory if we fear what lays ahead?

I see the 4 of Coins as burying ourselves in material concerns because we have lost sight of the divine guardianship that can lead the way.  We have lost sight of the path, feel powerless, and are in need of revelation.  Where is this happening in your life?  Where are you allowing fear to lead the way?

Image removed.Body – 7 of Coins
The seven is a culminating force that suggests we have reached the capacity of the current level of understanding and are in need of a breakthrough.

There are seven traditional planets in astrology: the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn.  They are based on what we can see with our eyes.  These seven planets are the basis of the sophisticated and beautiful symbolism of the astrological system.  Saturn is the furthest planet because it is the last we are able to see with our eyes.

The first planet just beyond our sight is Uranus.  When we developed the capacity to use the telescope to see beyond the limits of our eye's perception we became initiated into a new stage of awakening.

Because the 7 of Coins is showing up in the position of the body, it is showing us that we have reached and passed through the seven stages of physical awareness and understanding and are ready for a new awakening, a new level of understanding of what it means to be alive and in the fleshy bodies we reside in.

What comes after the seven?  The eight, represented by the infinity symbol, has the power to connect the material with the spiritual.  We have reached the capacity of our material understanding and are in need of the to Light reveal itself within form, opening the doors to a new world.  The awakening to our understanding of the spirit contained within matter.

Image removed.Mind – The Tower
And here it is, the Tower, embedded within the earthy coins surrounding it, anticipating the moment of the Light's resurrection, carrying all of the capacity to rejuvenate through its illumination.

The Tower is the representation of the force that reveals what is unstable in our lives.  It is the revealer of how the conscious and subconscious mind has to lead us down an unsustainable path.  It shows us how our beliefs, thoughts, and personalities are false descriptions of who we truly are. It reveals the truth in who we are.

If we look back at the 4 of Coins, we can see that our little minds, our little ego, thinks it knows what it needs to stay safe and secure.  This is a false perception based on subconscious fears.  The Tower is due to illuminate the truth beneath the little stories we tell ourselves.  It will reveal what is hidden from our understanding.

A lot of times when I give a reading and the Tower shows up, the client will show their exasperation as if some outside force was happening to them.  In reality, the Tower is a representation of what we have done to ourselves by not paying attention to the elevated status we have given our overly inflated little egos.

The Light of Consciousness can become trapped inside our ego.  We work much better when our ego operates with the Light leading the way rather than trying to suffocate it with our will.

If we direct our own lives without the Light leading the way we will inevitably fail.  In this card, the couple is trying to transform themselves through utilizing alchemical principles.  They are going through all of the mechanical operations but they are missing the Light.  Without the Light, it is nothing more than rote memorization.

The Light bursts forth from the upper corner as a bolt of electricity illuminating the room, bringing awareness of the true meaning of their operations.  In the process, the oven from which they have been performing their operations has been struck and it about to crumble, delivering them from ignorance.

What is the higher understanding through this shocking event?  The light of Divinity has been revealed, releasing it from the prison of form.  It illuminates the right relationship with the material realm, creating a greater sense of stability and security than what can be gained through our feeble and ignorant attempts to guard ourselves against future suffering (as demonstrated in the 4 of Coins).  True liberation from suffering comes through looking at the way we hide from ourselves, willfully remaining in ignorance.

An interesting thing to note is the same day Uranus ingresses into Taurus, we also have a new Moon, a new beginning that impregnated with the powerful force of change.

Image removed.Spirit – Queen of Coins
The Queen of Coins, alongside the King, is the ruler of the material realm.  She rules the material world because she has mastered it.  It is because she conducts herself from a higher level of understanding of what the material world means to us.  In other words, she is operating in the right relationship with the material.

This is what I spoke of in the introduction.  We are being called to look operate from a higher level of understanding of the Taurian attributes I have described.  These attributes have the capacity to allow us to reach higher degrees of spiritual understanding when we are in the right relationship with them when we are in the right relationship with the world manifest.

I see this month ahead as not a destination, but an initiation.  What we see beginning in this month is laying the fertile seeds that will grow and flower over the next seven years.  Depending on our commitment, we can deepen our relationship to the earth, our bodies, and our day-to-day lives, enlivening them with the spirit.

We have reached the 7 of Coins point, a culmination and readiness for expansive change and new development.  The Queen of Coins is the embodiment of this change and is in the position of Spirit.  She has the right relationship with nature.  She understands that abundance is not the same as accumulation.  She reaches higher states of physical, emotional, and spiritual health and well-being because of this right relationship.

This is the door being opened to us at this time.  I wish us all much prosperity in the truest sense.


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