Tending to the Receptive Vessel of the Soul • January 2019 Monthly Forecast

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Happy new year!  I hope 2019 is a year filled with great prosperity, pleasure, and delight for us all.

One of the most predominant themes for the year ahead is the idea of expansion and contraction.  The living, beating heart, it's rhythmic squeezing, and swelling will have the chance to harmonize with what is increasing and decreasing in our lives.

Astrologically, the planet that demonstrates where we experience a decrease is Saturn; Jupiter is representative of what expands, bringing forth abundance.  Both planets are in their home sign for almost the entirety of the year ahead, meaning they have the freedom to fully act according to their natures without much interference.  Therefore, like the beating of the heart in the center of our being, the rhythm these two planets create will ripple through the center of our lives.

Our heart beats and our life moves.  We spend this first month harmonizing with the waves of nature. We can do this by paying attention to what is growing and shrinking in our lives, stepping into that flow by giving the seeds of your attention to what is fertile, and harvest what is nearing completion.  Give love to this rhythm.

Image removed.General Theme for the month of January 2019 – 3 of Swords
The 3 of Swords is the demonstration of these first pulsations of the year. In this card, we see the heart, a symbol for the soul.  Three swords pierce this vessel from above creating the initial contraction. 

The heart draws inward.  The squeezing motion causes droplets of blood to spill from the center eye, providing nourishment to the rose below: contraction, expansion.

The tears shed from the eye of the heart drop onto the rosebud, revealing its first petals, the beginnings of the expansive opening of the soul towards higher consciousness.  The painful contraction provides fertility for growth.  The unfoldment of the rose brings great happiness to our lives, but this card also demonstrates how suffering is a necessary part of the process.  Contraction brings fertility. The rose opens to receive this Divine nourishment.  It the Divine eye of consciousness that provides this nourishment through the shedding of its tears of blood.

Some say our life begins when the heartbeat sparks to life.  In the month ahead, this beating rhythm is set into motion, bringing life. 

Image removed.Physical – The Star
The Star is a highly spiritualized card. However, it occupies the position of the physical theme for the month ahead.

The Star is a card that speaks of the process of purification.  In this card, a two-tailed mermaid rises from the depths of the dark, murky waters to the surface.  She is the representation of what has become conscious through our inner work. From the darkness, she has risen to the surface where there is a star overhead that serves to orient.

There is much that is kept hidden from ourselves and others that hover in the darkness of the unconscious realm.  This hidden material festers beneath the surface, spoiling our lives until we are able to recognize its presence and work to reveal what it is and the way it has been serving to hold us back in life.

The mermaid in the Star is our guide in the underworld depths.  She directs the way to the surface where we are introduced to the orienting light of consciousness that is the star.  After such darkness, its light is breathtaking to behold.  It gives us direction.  It reminds us of what is true.  We are brought to a state of peace.  

The spiritual light of the Star brings understanding to the physical world, giving a sense of direction in the darkness.  The spiritual meets the physical.  This Divine light is so much more potent against the backdrop of darkness.  It is as if we need the darkness to recognize the beauty this light possesses. 

This is further demonstrated by the contrasting flow of two nectars from her breasts – one blood the lifeforce of the material, and from the other flows breastmilk, the pure white nectar of the spiritual.  Each pours forth to cleanse and purify.  There is a union in opposites. 

Through the Star, we are able to heal what is holding us back from living a more spiritualized life.  Through the darkness, we rise to the surface to be cleansed and rejuvenated.  We are stimulated to a higher level and feel a strong optimism that success is imminent. 

Again, we see the rhythmic movement created from opposites in a union.  We see darkness meeting the light, the rhythm of contraction, and expansion.  We see the love of the soul begins to interact with the love of a higher status. 

Image removed.Mental – The Emperor
January is a month where we have the potential to use our mental faculties from a place of empowerment. The contraction of the mind to a single point of focus enables the expansion of that thought into the world manifest.

The Emperor rules the kingdom with his piercing intellect.  This is where he sources his strength and will.  It gives him a position of strength.  What the Emperor thinks he commands.  What he commands people to listen and follow.

Use this timeframe to actively engage the mind in ways that will tend to the heart.

Image removed.Spiritual – Lady of Vessels
As much as we are able to utilize the mind in the month ahead, the Lady of Vessels points to the possibility of connecting our heart with our intuition, the voice of God that speaks to us from within.  This provides a beautiful opportunity to harmonize the faculty of the intellect with our spiritual faculties.

The Lady of Vessels is at home in the sea of the unconscious.  If you take a look at the card, you will see that she walks on the surface of the water.  She carries a vessel on her head. Within the vessel contains a message.

She has risen up from the sea of the unconscious and her message was brought forth from this source, delivered by her, sent by the Divine.  With her support in the month ahead, we can be guided towards the path of goodness.  We can call on her and seek out the wisdom she carries.

The Lady of Vessels is here to show us how to grow in the areas we are meant to grow and to show us where we are to allow a decrease in our lives.  She connects us with the natural rhythms of life.  She helps to bring us into alignment with God's plan. 

Shada McKenzie • the Circle and the Dot Tarot & Astrology