Sticking With It • March 2018 Monthly Tarot Forecast

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General Theme For the month of March – 6 of Swords Rx

When the 6 of Swords is in the upright position, it represents the times in which we come to a difficult decision to leave something behind.  It is a decision that comes out of struggle, resulting in a hopefulness that conditions will improve by abandoning what is unrecoverable.  Coming to this decision is tough because what we leave is so comfortable to us that it feels like "home" to us.  There is a deep familiarity, an ease.

However, at some point, this place of deep comfort and stability was disrupted. Conflict arose and tensions built.  At some point the difficulty became unbearable and we know there is nothing we can do to alleviate it.  This place or person or thing that brought us so much familiarity and stability is forever changed.  The change has destroyed it, and will never be recovered.  There is nothing left to hold onto, so we leave.

This point of surrender is what the upright version of the 6 of Swords represents.  There is great sadness at this moment, but there is also a hopeful expectation that brighter days are ahead.  Continuing the conflict will bring no good.  There is also a pensiveness because when we leave our home under such conditions we are not exactly excited to be leaving.  There isn't a solid idea of what things will look like upon recovery.

However, when the 6 of Swords is reversed, for some reason the decision has been made to stick it out.  It may be because we still believe in it.  We know its beautiful potential and we refuse to surrender to the struggle so easily.  We believe there is still a chance to recover from difficult times.  There is a hope that healing can still occur without the loss we are faced with by leaving. 

The hopeful expectation could lead to the end of troubled times.  Perhaps it is just through our hopeful expectations that we are able to shift the current away from conflict and towards restoring harmony.  Perhaps not all is lost.  if there is still something tangible to fight for then why give up yet?  If there is still a chance for recovery, abandoning what has brought so much nourishment over time is like giving up on something sacred while it struggles and needs our love and attention more than ever. 

But we have to be careful that we are not sticking with a home that is in ruins simply because we fear change.  The result of this is nothing other than unrelenting dreariness.  What joy can be found in refusing to leave a ghost, a memory of something that was once magnificent, but no longer exists?

Take a good look at what this card refers to in your life.  Be certain you are sticking with it because you truly believe in it.  Give it all of your love and attention to heal it if it still has the potential to be recovered and restored. If you believe in it, give it all you have to give.  If you see that what is before you is unrepairable, then know that you are perpetuating your troubles.

Physical – 5 of Wands
The 5 of Wands is the representation of the energy of jumping into a chaotic mix, allowing yourself to stir up the energy.  It is a card of movement.  It is the kind of movement that is conflictual and confusing, yet brings excitement and a new dose of inspiration.

If you look at this card, you will see a group of youth wildly battering one another with their wands.  it is a game, but it is also potentially damaging because of the lack of structure.  It is a moment of craziness. where the flames of passion have been vigorously fanned.

This is the type of struggle that may be needed in order to recover what is being represented by the 6 of Swords.  It may be that we need to make things a bit messier for a brief moment.  We need to shake things in our lives out of their complacency.  We may need a moment of unrest so we can restructure what was not working in our immediate surroundings. 

It can be thought of as an exciting challenge that can bring a successful resolution to troubles.  Intentionally adding to the strife may be the only way to ultimately get what we want.  Welcome it.  Engage with it.  Control it as much as you are able to so that it doesn't turn to complete chaos and disintegration.

Wands represent the element of fire.  Fire is a very tricky thing to control.  It can so easily get away from our grasp and has the power to destroy.  However, in the month ahead, playing with fire may be the only way to triumph over our areas of conflict. If you are feeling the struggle in your life taking hold, adding fuel to the flame by giving it your vigorous energy may be exactly what is needed to burn through the obstacle. 

Intellectual – 8 of Cups Rx
The reversed 8 of Cups is another card that is encouraging us to stick it out.  There is still hope, and leaving at this time may be premature. 

It could be that we leave prematurely because we are scared of the contentiousness of the 5 of Wands.  We are already exhausted by the fight.  But how many times have you given up prematurely because of the fear of disruption? The energy of the 5 of Wands is not meant to be a perpetual state.  It is a bridge from one place of stability to a new place of stability.  The unrest is needed so that the stability will not lead to stagnation.  Therefore, it is a briefly heated moment in time that leads us to victory.

Astrologically speaking, in the month ahead, Mars, the planet of forceful, passionate action, the planet that represents our power and purpose allowing us to accomplish our desires through heated energy, will be moving into the cold and earthy sign of Capricorn, the sign where it is exalted.  Mars is subdued and is able to work in a style that better serves us.  In the sign of Capricorn, Mars is more likely to build than to destruct.  This is another indication that by sticking with it, even in the midst of messiness, you can successfully transform your conflict and lead yourself to recovery and growth.

When the 8 of Cups is upright, we see another instance of departure.  In this case, the departure has an emotional tone to it.  Despite all that is beautiful about this person, place or thing that feels like "home" to us, we decide to leave it behind.  This is because there is something fundamentally missing that cannot be found within the structure that exists.

We see the representation of this on the card.  A wall of cups have been built, each one filled with the nectar that sustains us on an emotional level.  There is a vacant spot on this wall, a conspicuous reminder that despite all there is that is good, there is something missing.  He leaves to seek it out.

The reversal of this card is an encouragement to stick it out. The dissatisfaction has the potential to be rectified.  Give it all you have to give.  Fight for it.  Believe in it.  Uncover the missing cup and put it in its rightful place.  There is still the potential to triumph if you remain optimistic.

Being in the position of the intellect, there is an intellectual tone to this.  Our thoughts and reasoning might be pushing us away, believing the answer to what is missing lays elsewhere.  However, giving it all you've got, with one last bout of fierceness, could reveal and recover the missing cup. 

Emotional/Spiritual – 9 of Pentacles
The 9 of Pentacles is a fortunate card, indicating a strong potential that meeting the challenges will lead to a successful resolution.  It is a card of successful fruition.  A time of happiness and thriving based on the work you have put into your life.

If you look at this card, you will see a woman.  She is well-to-do and is enjoying the gardens of her estate.  You will notice that all nine of the pentacles are positioned beneath her hand.  They are hers.  She has power and authority over them because they are fruiting as the result of the time and effort she has put into making her garden lush and fruitful.

It is her garden.  She enjoys it all the more because of the sacrifices she made to bring it to the healthy and thriving state it is in today.  Translated to this month, the work we give the parts of our life that need our attention will pay off handsomely later.  We can reach a point of contentment and happiness, a direct result of pushing through when we needed to.  If we stick with our challenges, if we don't prematurely give up, we can accomplish abundance in our lives.


Shada McKenzie • the Circle and the Dot