Cord Cutting Ritual For Releasing the Past

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baloon over the bridgeA while ago, I came to the conclusion that since the intensity of the moment rarely seems to cease, we must have always had intense times.  Doesn't it seem to always feel that times are intense? There always seems to be some sort of "transformative moment" taking place.  Why is this?  How could it be that every month, every day, every moment, is transformative?  I started doubting if this was truly so, adjusted my expectations, and told myself that the "simpler times" of my youth may have been so only because freedom youth brought to me.  My excuse for experiencing life differently now was that everything must seem simpler when we are young, innocent, and naive.

However, a friend told me that she recently visited a well known local astrologer who has been practicing for over forty years.  During her visit, he told her about the intensity of the moment that we seem to always hear when in conversation with spiritual types, which has caused me to suspect that perhaps this moment is no different than any other in human history.

But what she told her next struck me: she said that he told her the astrology of the last several years has been more intense than what he has seen in his over forty years of practice. 

Wow.  I have only really been paying attention to such things such for the last ten or so years. And to hear that a well-known and reputable astrologer has said that we are in some sort of window of time where the celestial alignments have seemed to pick up in potency has struck me.  Maybe the reason why things seem to be more intense than they used to is that things truly are more intense at this time.

The cards seem to be indicating that August is another powerful month of transformative energy that is available for us to tap into, experience, and allow us to move a little bit closer towards our soul's evolution.  Maybe like me, you have heard this before and are beginning to take for granted that this is something always available to us.  Maybe it is.  But maybe we truly are in a window of time that allows for the increased opportunity for growth and development that will not be available to us forever.  Maybe we are to take the opportunity available in this moment and make the most of it. Maybe we have the potential to more closely align ourselves with the Divine that we have been able to before in our recollection.

9 of PentaclesGeneral Theme for the Month of August – 9 of Pentacles
The 9 of Pentacles is a card of fruition.  Typically, this card is associated with a moment in time in which we are able to stop and enjoy the rewards of our success.  However, with the following cards, we will see that this is not a leisure moment in time after all, rather a moment of realization that the garden of our lives is fruiting in accordance with the amount of dedication we have put towards it up until now.

This includes not only the physical results of our labor but also the spiritual and emotional rewards.  Ultimately, we play a huge role in our contentment and the fruition of our own lives.  We are given the responsibility to co-create with God.

If you take a look at this card, you will see a well-to-do woman standing in a lavish garden on her estate. It is her garden.  It is lush and the abundance all around her that she enjoys is the result of the hard and disciplined work she has exerted in her life.  All of the sacrifices she has made have paid off and now she is able to enjoy the abundance she has tirelessly worked towards up to this point in time. 

What we see in our lives is the result of what we have invested in it.  What is your garden like?  What are you seeing that brings you satisfaction?  What are you noticing has been neglected?  Do you notice that most of what you have has been the result of some sort of sacrifice?  Are you beginning to notice that the abundance (or lack of) is directly related to initial sacrifices, discipline, and perseverance? 

This card could be showing that we are ready to enjoy a new level of spiritual maturity, insight, and wisdom that you enjoy is the direct result of how you have invested in yourself.  Notice how the Divine has provided so many opportunities that we have taken to this current level of fruition.

Judgement RWSPhysical – Judgement
But the next three cards indicate a crystal clear message that any moment of fruition is not a resting place.  It is a moment in time that can be enjoyed to the extent to which we have invested in our continual unfoldment.  We enjoy our lives as they continue to unfold and evolve before us.  We enjoy the fruits of our labor, but we are nowhere near the time for retirement.

Judgment is the wake-up call.   It is a call to respond to the opportunity to transform ourselves.  In the context of the physical theme for the month, it is showing that we have the opportunity right now to experience a period of healing and wholeness after a period of difficulty.

This is connected to the world manifest, and it could be related to the physical body itself.  It could have to do with our finances, our work, the day-to-day functioning of our relationships, or any other physical aspect of our lives. 

This particular window of time, in the possibly larger window of time of transformation we are in, is allowing us to wake up to where we currently stand in this incarnation and to start afresh from this new place of understanding. 

If you follow astrology, you may know that this month ahead has many planets moving in retrograde motion.  This is signaling review, revision, slowing down to reconsider before we act. We are retracing our steps in order to do things in a new in a different way if it better serves us to do so.  Judgment is the call to assess ourselves and make the necessary changes to bring us to a place of healing and transformation.  It is an opportunity to dramatically transform some aspect of our physical lives.  It is an opportunity to leave the past behind, starting fresh and in closer alignment with what we are meant to become.

The intensity and the potency of the moment are available to us to seize and make the most of.  With this, we are able to make important and beneficial physical changes.  With this, we can bring about a new level of fruition in the perpetual unfolding of our souls.

The next two cards are no different in their intensity and ability to bring about transformation:

Death RWSIntellectual – Death
Death is the card of an inevitable and often painful transition.  It is through the completion of one cycle that a new cycle is born and made available to us.  The thing about the energy of the Death card is that this is something we have little choice in the matter.  Like literal death, we cannot escape the transitions associated with time.  If we try to stop this passage of time, will likely only suffer more as a consequence.

If you take a look at this card, you will see that in the foreground is a death scene.  The Grim Reaper has come to claim the life of the deceased.  The deceased is already falling back into the earth -- we can barely make out her form from the surrounding matter.  This is how instantaneously we transform from one physical manifestation to another when we cross that threshold.

If we try to stop this, if we are attached to things being as they are now, we will struggle.  We will remain stuck in the foreground of this dramatic moment.  Our goal is to move away from the foreground and towards the background of the mental death, we are experiencing.  Shifting our focus to the background of this image we will see two pillars with a sun rising between them.

We cross the threshold of these two pillars and are able to put the past behind us, fully experiencing the transformation that is being offered.  We cross this threshold and are given a new day with new opportunities.  We must let go of the old in order for the new beginning to present itself. 

In the context of the intellectual theme for this month, the Death card is showing us the great opportunity to think about something in a new way that better serves us.  It is the opportunity to see our limitations that come from previous conditioning.  It is a potent moment that gives us new insights, a new lease on life. The is achieved only through releasing what is ready to die.

Our thoughts can create prisons.  If we go back to the Judgement card for just a moment, we will see the figures rising out of dark boxes.  They are like coffins.  The boxes are our limited ways of thinking about our lives.  They keep us small, confined, and ignorant. 

We must experience a transformation in thinking in order to free ourselves.  This is necessary for us to be able to gain this new lease on life that is being ushered in. 

A breakthrough in thinking and perceiving is being made available this month, along with the opportunity to transform some aspect of our physical world.  Obviously, they are connected.  The way we think influences the words we speak.  The words we speak influence the world we create.  We are co-creating our reality and this particular passage of time will allow us to let go of a way in which we have been thinking about our lives that has lost its usefulness. 

Move away from the struggle and towards the rising sun that illuminates a way of perceiving our lives that is fresh and new.  We have to completely let go of what is ready to pass in order to be allowed to cross the threshold between the two pillars.

The Fool RWSSpiritual – The Fool
Physical and intellectual opportunities for change and transformation aside, the Fool card is showing this month to be a dynamic time for great new spiritual beginnings.  All three cards are intense and signify extraordinary transformations to be instigated. It is a breakthrough that can relieve us from some of the spiritual pressure that has been building if open our arms to this moment.

The Fool is the card for the spiritual energies predominant this month.  It is a card of emergence and the freedom that comes with each new beginning.  This is because we leave the baggage from the past in the past because it will act only as a hindrance in the new phase if we try to take it with us.  There is no need for it at all.

We are on the verge of something spiritually new and fresh.  An exciting time of spiritual growth and discovery as we shed the baggage of our outdated past.  It is a time for growth and new developments.  It is the gift of a new perspective, innovative approaches, and openness to try out something new.

This in conjunction with the Death card is a hopeful sign that we will be able to make the transition from one way of thinking and perceiving to the next without too much struggle that comes from resistance.  The Fool doesn't carry the weight of intensity we have been carrying these last several years.

This a window within a larger window of extraordinary transformation.  Consider this month in terms of what is new and becoming.  If we think about the 9 of Pentacles again, she rests in her garden, enjoying the fruits of her success, yet we see there is no reason to be resting at this time.  Could she be hinting to us what our potential is if we seize the moment?  Is she showing us what we might experience if we give it everything we've got?  Or could she be showing us that each level of attainment opens a new window for growth?  This is clearly not a time calling for our rest.

Make this a great month by opening this window of opportunity as wide as we can and stepping through.


Shada McKenzie • the Circle and the Dot Tarot