Sacred Site Tarot Readings

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shada reading tarot in tikalLiving in the heart of Mayaland, I am very fortunate to be within a short day's drive or less from some of the most important ancient temples on the planet.  As you might imagine, the energy that can be accessed from these sites is spectacular.  Because so much ceremony has been done in one single place for a thousand years or more, there is an energetic cache that has been built up in these sacred spots over time.  This energy can be accessed, but never taken or erased.  It is an energy that is powerful and intended to be shared with all who enter the space.  With each new person's pilgrimage and unique expression of connecting to Spirit while there, the stockpile is added to and the sacred force builds.  Furthermore, some of the world's most powerful magical practitioners have been compelled to add to this energy reserve with their own pilgrimages and their own ceremonies acted upon these spots.  

The cache is not one that consists merely of fluffy, new age stuff.  Intense ceremonies have occurred at these spots such as the bloodletting rituals the Maya are known to have practiced.  What happened at these rituals is blades made of bone and obsidian were used to cut slits through specific body parts, such as the tongue or the penis in a ceremonial setting.   Afterwards, a thorned vine was slid through the opening to be repeatedly pulled up and down until the severe pain induced visions from the gods and the blood ensured the continued renewal of Divine energy.    

Human sacrifice ceremonies were also performed.  The slabs of stone in which these offerings were made still remain at the sites.  The history of such events have been written in stone on the stelae and walls the Maya have left behind.  What I intend to communicate by writing this is that the powerful energy here is deep and multifaceted, and can be connected with on many levels.  It can be accessed by any of us entering these sites and consciously connecting with the land and the temples.

tikal alcoveIn addition to all of this, some of these sites have been built at the exact spots that make up a geomantic grid around the planet.  Therefore, the cache that has been built, over time, at the Egyptian pyramids of Giza, is also connected to Palenque.  Not only is Palenque connected to Egypt, but it is connected to Easter Island, Machu Picchu, Stonehenge and so on.  The magic being directed into these areas connects with the larger energy that is accessible at all of these sacred spots that are connected to the geomantic grid.

I have been experimenting with giving Tarot readings while at these sites.  So far I have given a handful of readings inside Tikal and Palenque.  I have gotten superior results and have felt a heightened intuitive attunement with the cards. Because there is such a long, deep and varied magical cache that has been built up at these sites I am able to connect with a greater depth and clarity.

I am planning my next trip to Tikal sometime in late May/early June, and I will be offering written  email readings while at the temples.  Please let me know if you are interested in purchasing a reading from this site.