Natal Consultation

To order from Shada, please call her at 505.946.7531 or email her at

Pablo Picasso Constellation Drawing 1921Natal astrology is the practice of determining information about the nature and course of a person’s life based on the examination of the positions of the planets at the moment you were born.  We will look at your birth chart, to investigate important themes, patterns, opportunities, difficulties, and purpose.

Embedded within your birth chart is information that reveals details about your basic life themes, patterns and purpose (career, spirituality, relationships, and family dynamics, children, friendship, money, and so forth) and your personality that will help you to see the positive attributes you have to work with as well as the potential pitfalls in your behavior patterns.  We will examine how to work with the positive and counteract the negative.  

A natal reading is a great first time reading because it acquaints you with some of the key elements of your chart.

This consultation is approximately 75 minutes in length.  We can meet in person if you live in the Santa Fe area, or we can meet via Zoom or telephone.  There is also a written report option if you would prefer that.

When I receive payment, I will contact you to schedule a meeting.  I am typically able to meet within a week or two of your submission.  I will ask if there is a specific area of focus you would like me to spotlight.

* The exact time, date, and location of your birth are required for this consultation.