Venus in the Heart of the Sun

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Venus Cazimi the Sun

The Sun is the heart of our solar system, as wel as the central planet in astrology.  It has an animating influence, bringing life to all of the other planets.  Just like the heart pumps out fresh, oxygenated blood to all parts of the body and brings back the old, stale blood that is in need of rejuvenation, the Sun has a similar function with the planets that traverse our sky.  

The direct light of the Sun brings health to the planets. Based on Wade Cave's recent research on the topic of planetary cycles in ancient astrology, we can think of the exact point when a planet crosses over the Sun's path as the place where the planet is reborn and cleansed of past karma.  From this place the planet begins its new life.  In the same way the moon has its phases, ALL planets have a phasic relationship with the Sun.  Each planet has its crescent waxing phase, its full phase and the waning crescent phase before it becomes hidden in the sky by the Sun's intense beams of bright light.  

As the planet returns to merge with the light of the Sun it is weakened.  It is like the old and used blood in our bodies that needs to be pumped back to our chest to be cleansed.  Each planet accumulates karma along its journey.  As it approaches the Sun, the planet is at its most debilitated point.  However, the direct fire of the Sun acts as a rejuvenating breath of vitality.  The impurities from the cycle it has just completed are shed and it is reborn, given a kiss of life as it directly crosses the Sun's path.  

Our planet Venus, the planet of love, art and beauty, is completing this cycle today.  Today it goes cazimi (exactly conjunct) with the Sun and is given this opportunity for rebirth.  Today the energy of Venus is being projected out to us in a very powerful way that creates a positive change of circumstances in these aspects of our lives.  

You may have noticed lately that aspects of your life related to Venus are being called into question.  You may have been having relationship issues.  Perhaps you have been questioning your source of creative inspiration and happiness, contemplating taking a new direction or wondering if what you are doing in life is still bringing you joy.  This is because what is not worthy of starting the new Venus cycle is being asked to be released.

Venus is reborn today.  Over the next several weeks she will regain her health after this period of decline, and and she will reignite these areas of life.  New interests regarding love will be reborn.  Love in romantic partnerships as well as subjects that bring us joy and happiness.  If your relationship endured the recent decline of Venus you may notice a renewed sense of passion or interest within it.  Clarity and strength will soon return.  

May we all rejoice in the renewed pleasure Venus bestows upon us.  Keep in mind, however, she will be in her infancy phase as she crosses the Sun's path.  She is weak, and she will need time to regain her health.

Shada McKenzie

the Circle and the Dot