About Me

To order from Shada, please call her at 505.946.7531 or email her at shada@thecircleandthedot.com

My experience working with intuition and divination began almost 20 years ago, with a cup of coffee, in a small and timeless mountain village in northern New Mexico. I stopped into the only cafe and was pleased to see Turkish coffee on the menu. The proprietor delivered the cup to my table, and as she walked away she casually mentioned that I could take the cup to her when I was finished to have my coffee grounds read.

Instead of taking it to the shop owner, I peered into the cup myself. I was astonished to discover that after a few moments I was able to see my current life situation displayed within the cup's interior. I placed it back on the saucer and felt this anxious excitement rush through my body. I knew that I had just touched upon something amazing and huge.

Since then I have become intimately connected with my intuitive abilities. The Tarot is one of many tools I use to tap into the inner guidance that each of us has access to. I understand there is an interconnectedness to the entire Universe, and that it runs through the cards and speaks to us through its unique frequency.

I love to guide others to live a richer and deeper life by helping them to tap into this wisdom through the use of the Tarot and other tools of divination. Life challenges can be met with grace and gratitude for the lessons they give, and we can heal from them quickly if we are able to connect to their deeper meaning and the lessons they offer. I am here to help you see the larger picture of your circumstances and how you may tap into their significance.